Ok, so you don’t know what this blog title means.


I(18 letters)N

This is a very common term 4 us the programmers, geeks. Type it in google if you want to see.

There’s so many cultures (and possible readers) in the internet that I wanted to give’em a post in english and so this blog could be read by more. (yeah, for all you english-speaker people) XD

I’m not a fluent english writer, but I’ll do my best.

Ok, is there anything that you NEVER let for later?

Let me explaint: It could be eating a chocolate immediately after you see it, to sleep a while if you can on the bus, kicking a stone while you walk, hughing babies, getting close to a pet and say “hello pretty puppie” in a kiddie voice, and a big etcetera.

There’s something that I never let for later: Stamp on the dried leafs on the floor.

I could be talking with someone on the street, on a call, running, just walking to my work or whatever you can imagine on the streets. But every single time I see a dried leaf that I want to step over, it doesn’t matter if I have to step back over my way 20 meters and I stamp on it: I NEVER let it for later.

Well, sometimes it could be something you hide from others, because you could feel ashamed by it, or it could be something you are very proud to show to others. Anyway, I think everyone has something.

What is that thing you never let 4 later?

BTW: let me know if you are the very first english-speaker that reads this post. Leave a comment buddie!


1 Response to “I18N”

  1. 1 janible June 25, 2008 at 1:26 pm

    Good blog! Very thought-provoking! How about the need to taste just one bite of the food you have prepared. Testing it before you serve it makes sense, but it is also something you just must do!

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